Driving in Priorat

Driving around Priorat and Montsant isn’t something to be taken lightly as while the county is sparsely populated, the roads are very, very twisty and given how the vineyards are constructed, there’s a lot to look at along the way and guard rails are a hit and miss affair.

There is nothing inherently dangerous about them if you take it slow, although locals will be right on your back as we’re accustomed to these roads (fast), which is an advantage of having someone else who knows the area to drive you around. If driving yourself, yielding to the speedier is always recommended.

If a passenger, please take care if you’re prone to motion sickness. Even driving slowly on the roads can adversely affect those who can succumb to the twists and turns. If you have a secret medicine or weapon against getting sick, most definitely bring it with you and use it. You’ll be rewarded by beautiful scenery and stellar wines!